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Boost Your Business Events with Apple VR Rental

One World Rental extends its global Apple Vision Pro rental services to clients in Singapore, presenting an innovative VR solution from Apple tailored to enhance virtual and corporate events. Specifically designed to elevate product demonstrations, training sessions, and overall engagement, the Apple Vision Pro boasts high-quality display capabilities that significantly enhance the visual impact of presentations, product showcases, and all event content.

Consider renting the Apple Vision Pro from One World Rental for a variety of events in Singapore, including training sessions, seminars, and educational programs. This cutting-edge device becomes a powerful tool for events requiring lifelike simulations, proving particularly beneficial for industries where hands-on experience is crucial.

Boost Your Business Events with Apple VR Rental
Boost Your Business Events with Apple VR Rental
Apple Vision Pro

Operating System: visionOS

Capacity: Upto 1TB

Display: 23 million pixels & 3D display system

Chips: M2 & R1

Battery: Up To 2 Hours Of General Use

Connectivity: Wi‑Fi 6 & Bluetooth 5.3

Empowering Business Events with Our Vision Pro Rental Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of business events, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing state-of-the-art technologies. Enter Apple VR rental – a transformative innovation that redefines the dynamics of corporate gatherings. One World Rental is your partner in elevating business events through cutting-edge solutions, ensuring a seamless integration of technology to enhance engagement, interaction, and overall impact. Experience the future of immersive business experiences with our Vision Pro rental solutions, designed to set your events apart in the competitive business realm.

Interactive Workshops and Training Modules

Conduct interactive workshops and training modules with the Apple Vision Pro, promoting hands-on learning experiences. Its advanced capabilities enable participants to immerse themselves in practical scenarios, enhancing retention and understanding.

Virtual Site Visits

Bring remote locations to your audience with virtual site visits using the Apple Vision Pro. Whether exploring construction sites, manufacturing plants, or architectural designs, provide a realistic experience without the need for physical presence.

Data Visualization

Transforms data presentations into engaging experiences by utilising the Apple Vision Pro. Its high-quality display and spatial interactions make data visualisation more impactful, allowing for better understanding and analysis during business meetings and conferences.

Team Building Activities

Incorporate the Apple Vision Pro into team-building activities, fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills. Engage participants in virtual team challenges, creating a dynamic and innovative approach to team-building exercises.

Employee Onboarding and Orientation

Streamline employee onboarding and orientation processes by using the Apple Vision Pro. Create immersive introductory experiences, helping new hires familiarise themselves with company culture, procedures, and facilities in an engaging and memorable way.

Virtual Networking Events

Host virtual networking events using the Apple Vision Pro, enabling participants to interact in a simulated environment. Foster connections, exchange ideas and create memorable networking experiences without geographical constraints.

Real-Time Product Customization

Offer real-time product customisation experiences during events with the Apple Vision Pro. Allow customers to personalise products virtually, providing a unique and memorable interaction that goes beyond traditional customisation methods.

Apple Vision Pro Rental Package

When you opt for the Apple Vision Pro rental, you'll receive a comprehensive package designed to enhance your immersive experience. The rental box includes the Apple Vision Pro itself, featuring essential components like the Light Seal, Light Seal Cushion, and Solo Knit Band. Additionally, the package contains a protective cover, a convenient Dual Loop Band, a reliable battery for uninterrupted usage, an extra Light Seal Cushion, a polishing cloth for maintenance, and a 30W USB‑C Power Adapter with a USB‑C Charge Cable (1.5m). This thoughtfully curated set ensures that you have everything you need for a seamless and enhanced Apple Vision Pro experience during your event.

Boost Your Business Events with Apple VR Rental

What Sets Us Apart

Rent Apple Vision Pro anywhere for any duration from One World Rental. As your trusted ally, we are committed to delivering impeccable event tech solutions that make a lasting impact.


Smooth operations are crucial for time-sensitive events like business exhibitions. Rely on our dedicated team for 24/7 technical assistance, available both remotely and on-site, ensuring a flawless execution of your event.

Worldwide Presence

Experience our comprehensive services across 60 countries and 6 continents. Our efficient global shipping, expert installation, and on-site support guarantee a seamless event, no matter the location.

Quick Worldwide Delivery

At One World Rental, your event's success is our priority. Expect prompt equipment delivery across the United States, Singapore, and beyond. Our equipment arrives swiftly, ready for immediate use, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

Flexible Rental Period

One World Rental understands the unique demands of your event and provides flexible rental terms tailored to your needs, whether it's a day or week-long affair or a month-long engagement.

A Wide Range Of Available Options

Choose from our extensive range of cutting-edge technologies, including iPads, scanners, wireless devices, and portable printers. With a variety of rental options, you can elevate your event and create an unforgettable experience for your attendees.

Tested and Approved Devices

Our unwavering commitment to top-tier quality remains our priority. Each piece of equipment undergoes rigorous scrutiny to meet industry standards, ensuring reliable, high-performance devices for your event.

IT Rentals Beyond Apple Vision Pro

Set out on an expansive journey of possibilities with One World Rental's diverse selection of VR and IT rentals. Dive into a world of top-tier devices, from Apple MacBooks and Samsung phones to premium office laptops and VR-ready hardware, ensuring unmatched experiences.

Our extensive collection goes beyond individual devices, featuring iPad stands, barcode scanners, EPOS equipment, Zebra badge printers, touch screens, digital signage, projectors, and LED video walls. Elevate your events by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technologies with our professional services, covering Event Staff, Badge Sourcing, Event Lighting Rental, Registration Hardware, Temporary WiFi Rental, Technical Planning, VOIP Services, and more. Immerse yourself in a new realm of event excellence with One World Rental.

Transform your events with the Apple Vision Pro from One World Rental.

Elevate presentations, training, and collaboration. Contact us now to unlock the future of immersive experiences. Make your event unforgettable with cutting-edge technology. Let's redefine success together! Get a quote now

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Lenovo laptops are available for rent through One World Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to address common queries regarding our Apple Vision Pro for events. Our expert team is readily available to offer immediate assistance and expert advice. Reach out to us now for prompt support.