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Attract Customer attention today!

Technology that draws customer to you!

Rent Giant Tablet award-winning event technology and first class customer service today and create an engaging experience for you and your customers.

Giant Tablet hire throughout Asia Pacific.

The Giant Tablet has been taking the event industry by storm. Giant Tablet hire is used in conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, workshops, corporate trainings, and on television as a touch screen solution that attracts, engages and informs. This giant tablet has already won multiple awards, including ‘Best New Technology Product’ at the Event Technology Awards, the ‘Best Digital Signage Product’ at Best of ISE Awards and the ‘Best Digital Multi-Media Solution’ at Technology Media Telecoms. The giant iPhone display showcases apps and websites beautifully, creating a group experience that is a huge advantage to marketers, event planners, software developers and large corporate enterprises.

What is the Giant Tablet and what kind of features does it offer?

The Giant Tablet is also frequently referred to as a ‘giant iPhone display’ or a ‘giant iPad display’. It’s labelled in this way because the giant tablet resembles an extra-large smartphone or tablet. It also shares a similar interface which means that the public already knows how to use it. The best ideas are simple, and that includes this winning example of technology and IT innovation.

About Giant Tablet hire.

The Giant Tablet integrates simple to use commands that are standard on iPads and tablets such as swiping, touching and pinching the display. We offer stationary kiosks and wheeled stands, all of them high-quality steel with white acrylic with brushed edging. The giant tablet can be positioned in landscape or portrait orientations, and it features 1920x1080 full HD displays, Pro-Cap touchscreens and built-in speakers.

hire 27 inch Giant Tablet Touchscreen

Giant Tablet 27”

A versatile solution to support your presentations and trade show

Screen size: 27”

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Panel: AMVA + LED

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Dimensions: 81cm x 7cm x 44.2cm

Giant Tablet 42 Inch for events

Giant Tablet 42”

The flagship interactive engagement solution for events.

Screen size: 42”

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Panel: AMVA + LED, AG Coated glass

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Dimensions: 164cm x 11cm x 60.5cm

55 inch Giant Tablet Touchscreen

Giant Tablet 55”

The newest giant touchscreen solution – promoting brands.

Screen size: 55”

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Panel: IPS LED, AG Coated glass

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Dimensions: 235cm x 58cm x 114cm

When you rent giant Tablet devices, we can load up any software apps or websites including customised branded content for your giant iPad display. Everything will be setup and ready-to-use upon arrival. We also deliver giant iPad hire anywhere in Asia Pacific, including places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Vietnam, China and Nepal. Place an order with One World Rental and we can ship your giant tablet within 24 hours. It’s that simple.

The 27-inch Giant Tablet

This 27-inch giant iPhone display features a built-in camera, a blue light reducer and 10 capacitive touch points. It has a stationary kiosk and offers a response time of 5ms. Its display has an anti-glare coating.

rent giant iPad for next events

The 42-inch Giant Tablet

This giant iPad display includes an AMVA3 LED panel and anti-glare coating. It has a 6.5ms response time, 12 capacitive touch points and AG coated glass. The giant tablet stand has wheels so it can be easily moved.

The 55-inch Giant Tablet

Our largest giant iPhone display is 55-inches with AG coated glass, an IPS LED panel, and wheels for easy manoeuvring. The Giant Tablet rental has an anti-glare coating and a 12-point capacitive touchscreen. It offers a response time of 12ms.

Use of the Giant Tablet in various business and public sectors.

The giant iPad display has a number of applications. Here are just a few examples of how Giant Tablet rental brings functionality to education, marketing and corporate businesses everywhere.

55 inch Giant Tablet rental

In retail, gaming and finance, the Giant iPad rental helps to showcase digital content. Sometimes this means a bank is demonstrating mobile banking processes to its workforce. Sometimes that means a new game is being premiered to a group of investors. It helps businesses during presentations and trainings. The hospitality sector benefits from this display because when placed in a hotel lobby, or throughout an event venue, it provides information such as seating charts, interactive floor plans, event menus, surveys and voting options.

The Giant Tablet rental is also used in broadcasting and television. Its capabilities in terms of presenting photos, videos and live streams in high-definition, help make it popular with networks and television hosts. Software and app developers rent Giant Tablet to present new software, test apps and troubleshoot software functionality.

Product and services beyond giant Tablet at One World Rental.

One World Rental offers hardware hire and technical services beyond Giant Tablet rental. This includes bespoke app creation, a range of event-related rental hardware, technical event staffing and internet installation.

For more information on how to rent Giant Tablet or any of event-related products or services, please contact our customer service team for a free quote.


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