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Empowering Students and Staff - Technology Products For Education

At One World Rental, we understand the transformative power of technology in education. That's why we provide Singapore schools and event planners with comprehensive, professionally curated IT rentals for education specifically designed to enhance learning and assessment. From laptops to iPads and VR headsets, we offer rental solutions that revolutionize exams and assessments. Empower students with interactive tools, ease the workload of staff with efficient tech, and ensure exam integrity. Say goodbye to purchasing and hello to renting tech solutions for education.

Empowering Students and Staff - Technology Products For Education

One World Rental's Premier Position in The IT Equipment Rental Industry

In today's fast-paced educational landscape, Singaporean institutions need agile, reliable IT solutions that adapt to their specific needs. One World Rental isn't just a global leader; we're local experts dedicated to Singapore's unique education and event ecosystem.

We stand at the pinnacle of the global IT rental sphere, specializing in laptop, computer, and iPad rentals tailored for exams and training purposes. With a robust presence in over 50 countries, our expansive reach underscores our dedication to delivering unparalleled IT solutions worldwide. From renowned exam boards to esteemed universities, our extensive clientele encompasses various sectors, highlighting our capability to fulfill diverse IT rental requirements on a global platform. Experience excellence with One World Rental.

iPad Rental For Education

iPad Rental For Education

Elevate the learning experience with our iPad rental services tailored for educational institutions in Singapore. Boost exam efficiency, encourage interactive learning, and ensure seamless assessments. Our iPad rental solutions provide the essential tools for academic success, combining reliability and effectiveness.

Boost Your Business Events with Apple VR Rental

Laptop Rental For Education

Prepare students for success with our laptop rental services designed for educational institutions in Singapore. Enhance student performance by opting for seamless and dependable solutions. Rent laptops for exams to ensure a smooth testing experience, fostering concentration and achievement in academic assessments.

Boost Your Business Events with Apple VR Rental

VR Rental For Education

Revolutionize assessments in Singapore with cutting-edge VR technology for education. Immerse students in an innovative learning journey, boosting comprehension and engagement. Upgrade exam readiness, ensuring a brighter educational future through immersive education experiences.

Benefits of Our IT Rental Solutions for Singapore's Education Ecosystem

unlock the transformative power of technology in education with our cutting-edge rental services. Say hello to a future-focused learning environment where iPads, laptops, and VR headsets enhance the educational experience from classrooms to exams.

Immediate Results

Instant Feedback, Instant Success

Bid farewell to waiting anxiously for results! With One World Rental, You get instant scoring and feedback, alleviating student stress and revolutionizing the assessment process.

Enhanced Security

Secure Exams, Secure Future

Rest assured, your exams are in safe hands. Our rental technology ensures enhanced security, mitigating the risks associated with traditional paper-based tests.

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

Efficient and Economical

We understand the value of time and resources. Our technology rental services streamline administrative tasks, saving you both time and money for training and exams.

Eco-Friendly Exams

Eco-Friendly Exams

Join the movement towards eco-friendly exams with our reliable laptop rentals. By going digital, we significantly reduce paper waste, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education for All

Empower every student with our diverse range of iPads, laptops, and VR headsets. Our solutions cater to students of all abilities, ensuring inclusivity in the digital examination process.

Remote Examination Flexibility

Flexible Remote Examinations

Adapt to the changing landscape of education with our flexible technology rental service. Conduct exams remotely with ease, meeting the diverse needs of today's learners.

Powering Singapore's Education with Guaranteed Efficiency, Reliability, and Quality

Embrace efficiency and sustainability with One World Rental's comprehensive IT rental for education tailored for Singaporean event organizers. Streamline your examination process with our cutting-edge technology, minimizing the logistical challenges and environmental impact associated with traditional methods. By opting for digital assessments, you not only simplify operations but also make an eco-conscious choice.

In the realm of IT Rentals, reliability reigns supreme. At One World Rental, we take pride in offering top-notch, dependable laptops and monitors specifically curated for educational events. Our stringent quality assurance protocols ensure that every device is meticulously inspected and maintained to perfection, ensuring a flawless examination experience for all participants.

Partner with One World Rental today and elevate your event with unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and quality assurance. Contact us now to explore our range of IT solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

What Sets Us Apart

Transform your educational events with ease and precision by partnering with One World Rental, the premier provider of event technology solutions tailored specifically for educational purposes. As your dedicated educational ally, we are committed to delivering flawless technological solutions that leave a lasting impression.


Ensure seamless operations during time-sensitive educational events with our 24/7 technical support team. Whether you need assistance remotely or on-site, our dedicated professionals guarantee the smooth execution of your educational endeavors.

Worldwide Presence

Experience exams like never before with our bespoke software solutions, meticulously crafted to meet your unique requirements with precision, enhancing the examination process exponentially.

Quick Worldwide Delivery

Your educational event's success is paramount to us. Expect swift equipment delivery to various locations worldwide, ensuring efficiency and reliability for your educational endeavors.

Flexible Rental Period

Recognizing the diverse needs of educational events, we offer flexible rental terms customized to fit your schedule, whether it's a one-day seminar, a week-long workshop, or a month-long engagement.

A Wide Range Of Available Options

Choose from our extensive range of cutting-edge educational technologies, including iPads, scanners, wireless devices, and portable printers. With diverse rental options available, you can elevate your educational events and create unforgettable learning experiences for your attendees.

Tested and Approved Devices

We uphold the highest standards of quality for our equipment, ensuring reliability and top-notch performance for your educational events. Each device undergoes rigorous testing to meet and exceed industry standards.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Lenovo laptops are available for rent through One World Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

Uncover the solutions to commonly asked questions regarding our technology rentals tailored for education. Our expert team stands ready to offer prompt assistance and invaluable guidance. Reach out to us now for seamless support during your educational endeavors.