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Rent satellite internet for events throughout Asia Pacific

We rent satellite internet for outdoor events such as festivals, sports and charity fundraising functions of every size and scale. We have over a decade of event technology experience and our local Singapore office helps us to mobilise effortlessly to provide hardware, software, and internet solutions across Asia Pacific.

What is satellite internet and how does it work?

Satellite internet provides internet access through geostationary satellites positioned approximately 22,300 miles above the Earth’s equator. Unlike other types of internet, it doesn’t use cable systems or telephone lines; in fact, it’s ideal for areas that lack this infrastructure. It can accommodate remote locations, and unlike 4G internet (which varies in reliability depending on how many people are using it) can accommodate large numbers of guests online at once.

Satellite internet hire is widely relied on for online payment systems, entry management systems, trade shows, tours and video broadcasting. It can be used for online platforms, live streaming, multi-use apps and hosting online auctions, among other things. Many of our clients who are transportation providers or who host events taking place during mobile conferences rent satellite internet services.

Why rent satellite internet from One World Rental?

We have a team of satellite internet experts who routinely install it professionally. It can also be both installed and removed quickly (in about an hour). Our satellite internet hire services can connect with our event technology rentals. This is a great solution when payment terminals are required, such as for outdoor events and festivals. With over 4,000 corporate clients in more than 50 countries, we have a lot of experience with satellite internet setup. Need more information? Contact us and we’d be happy to walk you through the best internet solution for your event requirements.

What is Ruckus wireless hire?

One World Rental sources the best products, such as Ruckus wireless hire, for meeting the challenges of device density, geographical location and complex deployments. A digital event is only ever as good as its connectivity. You need a Wi-Fi experience that is fast and flawless. Ruckus wireless hire solutions can help to deliver the Wi-Fi you need to launch your next digital experience.

Access Point Ruckus Rental

Need indoor or outdoor wireless access points? We offer access point Ruckus rental technologies for any size budget, performance or function. Getting Wi-Fi for your event has never been simpler. Access point Ruckus rental gets your event connected despite issues such as internet user population, infrastructure and environment. Contact our customer service team to discuss your requirements and we can let you know which access points we recommend for your event.

What else can One World Rental offer your business?

As well as Wi-Fi solutions, One World Rental can offer short term rental for hardware such as laptops, iPads, iMacs, monitors, digital signage, mobiles, POS equipment, receipt printers, barcode scanners, Audio-Visual equipment, and more. We offer software that can be custom built to your specifications, such as registration apps and menu building.

Our expert support team can offer you delivery, installation, setup, and even on-site technical support throughout the duration of an event. We have a solution-oriented approach to everything digital and our motto is ‘Yes’! Need help with logistics and the best hardware solutions? Contact us today.