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virtual reality rental

makes your event one to remember

Virtual Reality rental from the IT rental experts.

One World Rental has the latest in Virtual Reality rental for live events anywhere across Asia Pacific, including Singapore, China, Vietnam and Hong Kong, among others. If you’re an event professional in Asia looking for VR rental and integrated app solutions, One World Rental can help you find them. We have the largest stock of IT equipment anywhere in the world, including touchscreens, iPads, smartphones, monitors, iMacs, POS systems, digital signage, speakers, PA Systems, mics and more. We have the software and hardware to achieve any event goal, regardless of scale or volume. 

Virtual Reality is the latest in digital event experiences.

Virtual Reality rental has come a long way. The computer industry began using the term ‘virtual’ in 1959 to describe an experience created by software that is artificial. These days, the term ‘virtual reality’ is used to describe these experiences. Computer software eventually developed Virtual Reality headsets, which have been widely used and affordable since the early 1990’s.

Virtual Reality rental: uses and applications.

What is Virtual Reality used for today? The military uses it for training exercises, pilots use it for flight simulations, and it is even used in healthcare to treat medical conditions. In the event industry it’s used for marketing and entertainment.

Specifically, events use virtual reality rental to present live tours and host 360-degree meetings. Promoters use Virtual Reality rental to hosts games and contests such as quizzes and surveys. At trade shows VR rental is used to exhibit products and advertise. At conferences and educational events, VR rental can be used for training and learning. Backed by funding and research by Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Samsung, this event industry favourite has incredible potential for expansion.

Rent Samsung VR for an incredible VR rental experience.

Looking to rent Samsung VR equipment? Rent Samsung VR headsets which are compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. These headsets are durable and adjustable, with 360 degree viewing angles. We also offer the Oculus Go headset, which has stunning 3D graphics and clear optics. The Oculus Go is white, sleek, and comfortable- it’s adjustable for an individual fit. They are compatible with our mobiles via the App store or Google Play.

Rent Samsung VR headsets or the Oculus Go with our MSI gaming laptop. It has 4GHz overclocking capability and the ability to light up its keyboard in over 16 million colours. The best part about our Virtual Reality rental equipment is that it is tested to One World Rental’s high standards and available for delivery with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

The One World Rental Experience.

At One World Rental, we have offices in 8 countries throughout the world, and we are growing. We have over 4,000 corporate clients who are satisfied customers, because we treat each event like it’s our own. We deliver anywhere in the world. This includes Kazakhstan, Seoul, Moscow, Panama and the Ivory Coast. Our motto is ‘Yes!’ Whether you need logistics, project management, hardware, software, delivery, event staffing or technicians on-site throughout an event, we can help!

We are partnered with specialised app developers who can incorporate and customise bespoke business apps for your guests to engage with at events. VR rental is great for captivating attendees and increasing your business brand awareness by launching:

New product and service tours
Interactive games and competitions
Brand messages through 360° Virtual Reality tours

VR rental is a great event technology solution that can be integrated with Samsung Galaxy phones for events such as:

Our VR event technology products are high in quality and promise to deliver an exciting experience.


Samsung 65ʺ touchscreen monitor

Full installation upon requirement

Large screen with bigger impact


Samsung 46ʺ Touchscreen Monitor

Accessories include a single or dual trolley mount

Full interactive engagement with attendees


LED wall system can be up to 20 metres wide

Configured to the space and layout of the venue


Adjustable head strap available

Interact effortlessly during live events

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones

Oculus Go

Adjustable head-strap available

Crystal clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics

Compatible with mobiles using Google Play and App Store

Global experience in successful rentals & execution of large events in over 50 countries.

We offer a 24/7 technical support service during the rental period.

Trusted suppliers to 4000+ corporate clients globally.

Partners with trusted web developers to develop customised apps