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touch screen rental for business

meetings and presentations.

Create interactive presentations and entertainment for your guests with our touch screen rental packages.

Touchscreens can light up a presentation or event with dynamic displays, innovative features and interactive capabilities. The right touchscreen equipment creates an inclusive, fun environment for your guests whether the purpose is to educate or entertain them. How do we make events memorable? We make sure that guests are engaged, captivated, and using the best products available.

With the latest Audio-Visual rental equipment, you can create interactive platforms that entice users and get them involved in ‘real time’ activities. The result is a success, whether it’s a training, conference, cultural, sporting or charity event.

We carry the latest touchscreens, all of which utilise capacitive touch technology. With a durable glass overlay, the reliable touch function enables you to use a finger or stylus pen, and it offers perfect picture performance every time.

We can also provide the best brands of monitors, including Apple, Samsung, LG and Dell. Consult our customer service team to enquire about the ideal devices for your next event function. We have hardware and software solutions that can optimise your next digital experience.

Computer rental Singapore: The One World Rental difference.

At One World Rental, we rent computers, monitors, touchscreens, mobiles, digital signage, and more. The difference is our precise delivery and logistics team, our technicians who ensure that all equipment is fully tested and working perfectly, and our on-site event staff who ensure that nothing goes wrong on the day. Renting enables our clients to have the latest models and products available for each event they undertake. These days, especially in a tech savvy nation such as Singapore, there is no excuse for utilising outdated equipment.

Quality displays, performance tested.

Looking to rent computer monitors? Digital technology is constantly evolving, and we are evolving with it. We consider a variety of elements when it comes to touchscreens and monitors. This includes response time, resolution, contrast ratio, viewing angles, and refresh rates. Devices are thoroughly tested for performance prior to each deployment so that you are assured of quality every time.

Rent computer monitors globally for a variety of events.

Computer rental Singapore? One World Rental enables you to rent computer monitors and other IT equipment with as little as 24 hours’ notice anywhere in the world. We have offices in Singapore that enable us to mobilise rental equipment throughout Asia Pacific quickly and with ease. We can setup and install touchscreens across Asia Pacific including Vietnam, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia. Our delivery capability doesn’t just stop here, we are a global business who can arrange for the deployment of our Audio-Visual services in over 50 countries worldwide.

Take your event a step further by capturing ‘live data’ and hosting interactive voting and competitions. Interested? Ask about our extensive range of computer monitors and touchscreens, as well as our app development and menu-building that can suit nearly every event venue across Singapore.

Our touch screen rental packages can be effectively used for online interaction and hosting, including:

Live video streaming – works well with our speaker rental packages
Create live voting and competitions - integrate apps with touchscreens
Posting to social media platforms for full brand exposure
Interactive event floorplans– integrate apps with iPad packages
Scheduling, agendas and updates to the event displayed on touchscreens
Professional networking through integrated presentation apps
We provide on-site and remote support for touch screen rental packages

What does our on-site support services include? We provide project management services, in-house drivers, event support technicians, and networking engineers to deliver event services that are comprehensive and precise.

We can arrange your internet requirements, deliver, install, and setup your equipment, and maintain an on-site technical presence throughout the event’s duration. It all starts with a consultation and assessment of your requirements. 

To learn more about any of our hardware rental or to ask about our total event packages, fill out our enquiry form and one of our project managers will respond within 15 minutes with a free quote.


LED Wall Hire

2.9 Pixel Pitch ensures optimal viewing distance from long or short distance

Up to 15-degree curved panels

Lightweight - ideal both for floor standing and trussing

rent 55 inch touch screen displays

55” Touchscreen

Our 55ʺ LED display is Ultra HD

Delivered with a double mount floor stand

USB port, HDMI connections

rent 65 inch touch screen displays


Our largest touchscreen to date

Creates fun and engaging interactive events

rent 46 inch touch screen displays


Delivered with a double mount floor stand included

USB ports and HDMI connectivity

Global experience in successful rentals & execution of large events in over 50 countries.

We offer a 24/7 technical support service during the rental period.

Trusted suppliers to 4000+ corporate clients globally.

Partners with trusted web developers to develop customised apps