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ipad stand rental for event check in and event registration.

Welcome to our iPad Kiosk stand Singapore collection.

We have a range of iPad floor stand hire products available including quad stands and single iPad floor stands, depending on your event type. Any of our iPad floor stand hire can be fully secured to the floor and are great solutions for events in which registration and event check-in processes are involved. Our iPad Kiosk stand Singapore collection is available for delivery anywhere in the world and can be fully installed by our technical team upon arrival. 

iPad stands: design and utility.

Why do you need iPad floor stand hire for your next corporate event or function? They showcase presentations and launch apps beautifully, offering check-in and registration opportunities for guests as well as promoting networking and interactive engagement with attendees. Our collection of iPad stand hire items are durable and secure. They are adjustable and lock easily. iPad floor stands have a professional look and feel yet are protective. They are available in a range of colour options such as black, white and silver.

Heckler stand hire.

What do our clients love about Heckler Stand hire? They are strong- manufactured from laser-cut steel. iPads are easily secured within the stands using a screwdriver. There is plenty of flexibility in this stand option; it’s rotating disc facilitates a smooth range of motion throughout vendor customer interactions. Other great qualities about Heckler stand hire? It has a cord-channelling feature that lets you charge it on-site, so battery life is never a problem.

About our Moonbase stands.

The black Moonbase stand has a lot of reasons to be a client favourite. Compatible with all generations of iPad, this stand is lightweight, yet durable. The contemporary design is admired at exhibitions, pop-up shops and trade shows, as well as conferences. It has a versatile, innovative construction; the stand offers 330-degree rotation and 45-degree screen sharing capabilities. Mount it with four clearance holes at the back of the base. For consistent charge, you can wind a hidden cable through the bottom lockable enclosure.

Additional iPad stands available.

What other stands does One World Rental offer? Part of our iPad Kiosk stand Singapore collection includes quad stands for displaying as many as four iPads at one time. It has a hidden USB charging cable concealed within its base, for continuous power throughout the duration of an event.

We also offer a black extendable tripod stand that can adjust to three different heights. We recommend this for filming with an iPad. Another option is our iPad wall mounts that can be secured to the wall in landscape or portrait configurations. For more information about our iPad Kiosk stand Singapore collection, contact our customer service team today.

Wi-Fi services at your next event.

We can supply internet services for your next event in any location and with any type of existing infrastructure. Our Wi-Fi hire is reliable, fast and very secure – perfect for taking instant electronic payments or live streaming video during your events. We have a full tablet rental package for every event whether you are in China, Singapore, Korea, Tokyo, or anywhere else in the world. Our internet services include Wi-Fi, MiFi, satellite and personalised bonded internet, to name a few. Contact our customer service team today to get a free comprehensive quote.

QUAD STAND for ipad


Easy to setup and install.

Can display up to 4 iPads.

Customised vinyl branding available

Great for event registration processes



Quick and easy to set up

Can be secured to the floor

Fully adjustable

Great for event check in processes

ipad kiosk stand singapore hire


Secures to desktop

On-site charging

Available in different colours

Great for large conferences



Different colours available.

Secure Heckler stand hire to the desks.

Great for exhibitions.