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Epson C3500 Rental - High Quality Badge Printing Solution

Real-time attendance tracking and data collection are made simpler by on-site badge printing. One World Rental has the best badge printing solution in our inventory. The Epson C3500 is a high-end color printer that can be rented for your corporate event with iPads, laptops, stands, and other equipment to power your event and badge sourcing. By renting the Epson 3500, you may increase operational effectiveness and quickly print high-quality color badges. Rent Epson ™ C3500 printers to produce colorful badges for your attendees quickly.

Epson Colorworks C3500 - Inkjet Badge Printer for Business Events

In organizing busy corporate events, visitor badges are crucial to print swiftly and effectively to run it smoothly. To print colored badges, an inkjet badge printer is one of the most fundamental technology devices. However, the event planner must carefully consider their choice of badge printer. The Epson Colorworks C3500 label printer is the best option for on-site printing of full-color badges. It is the best choice for managing the need for on-demand and on-site badge printing because of its robust and compact design.

Thanks to the Epson C3500 printer, event badges and business cards with vibrant logos and photos can be generated from a single device. The Epson C3500 rental process is now simpler than ever thanks to One World Rental's stock in numerous depots around the globe. With this printer, you can keep a high level of badge design versatility while reducing the number of extra badges printed for no-shows.

Lenovo laptops are available for rent through One World Rental
Rent Epson ColorWorks C3500 For Corporate Events.

Rent Epson C3500 For Business Events - Print With Quality

To ensure that the event's activities run well, avoid creating long participant lines while on-site. The event organizer must be cautious about this because quick credential printing is necessary to handle it.

Get the Epson C3500 rental service to handle the workload. It is the perfect choice for event planners due to its user-friendly interface, extensive on-site registration software, and rear-feed functionality for fanfold and big rolls. It would be the ideal addition to your on-site badge printing needs due to its quick printing speed.

Why Epson Colorworks C3500 For Badge Printing?

Today, graphics and color badges are utilized to draw attention to important information. The variety and complexity of labels have greatly increased as a result of this development. The Epson ColorWorks C3500 is the ideal solution because it can print full-color badges right away. It is the best solution for high-quality printing because of the following features.

Easy to Use

Labels, coated matte and glossy paper, and other materials are simple to print on with the Epson C3500. This suggests that it shouldn't be difficult to create the specific badges you require.

Durable Inks

With Epson C3500, you can create badges that are highly detailed, quick to dry, and resistant to fading thanks to the special pigment ink cartridges.


Up to 4 inches per second of full-color badge printing is possible with the Epson C3500. It is the perfect addition to meet your needs for on-site badge printing because of its quick print speed.

Badge Customization

You can quickly create and print your own color labels using the C3500. You may print any modification with this printer, including badges and tickets with barcodes and product information.

Robust Design

The Epson 3500 badge printer's compact, durable design makes it perfect for both small offices and professional events.

USB and Ethernet Interfaces 

Both the Ethernet and USB interfaces are included by default and can be utilized as local or network printers.

Rent Epson™ C3500 Badge Printer

For Your Events, Choose Epson C3500 Printers to Print High-Quality Color Badges.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Epson™ C3500

The most recent addition, the Epson C3500 printer, provides affordable, superior badge printing. Get it now.  The answers to the most frequent inquiries concerning renting an Epson C3500 are provided below. Please get in touch with us if you have any further questions about the process. 

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You can combine your needs and rent Epson C3500 and badge paper from One World Rental for your event because we work with several specialized printing firms that specialize in this type of paper.
In addition to iPads and stands, we can provide badge stock. The on-site Epson printer can be used in advance to print the option to print only variable data on branded badges. Contact our specialists to find out more about your options. Badge printers and badge supplies are available for rent from One World Rental for events all around the world.
A premium inkjet badge printer, the Epson C3500 generates prints rapidly and at a high standard. Instead of printing simply in black as thermal badge printers can, this printer can print in color. In addition, it is ideal for manufacturing event badges, tickets, and labels on demand and on-site because it prints on a variety of media types and is very adaptable.
Yes. Large-scale event solutions are provided via One World rental. We may rent a lot of Epson C3500 machines for usage at professional events. But we do suggest talking to our specialists in order to assist you in making the best decisions.
Four ink cartridge slots and a maintenance box are present on the Epson C3500 (cyan, black, yellow, and magenta). When you hire a printer, these supplies are also included. You will require a specific number of cartridges, depending on your company's requirements, the badge design, and the number of prints.
Yes, One World Rental provides a complete hardware solution, including the rental of laptops, iPads, networking devices, and printers like the Epson C3500, for on-site registration and printing needs. Your priority is ours. For questions, contact us. One World Rental provides a complimentary consultation for individuals who require assistance with event registration and badge printing.