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One World Rental offers event check-in and event registration app solutions.

Do you have a plan in place when it comes to registering guests for an event? Have you decided what your check-in process will look like? We suggest an event check in app (also called an event registration app).  With an event check in app, guests or hosts can utilise internet connected devices such as iPads or mobiles to check attendees into an event. Guests can access the event registration app via a simple online form or by scanning QR codes on their mobiles when they arrive. 

An event registration app helps guests register online with simple, custom built software. Long queues distract event staff from quality engagement with their guests. Digital check-in is the way forward, in every way. The larger the event, the more time needs to be devoted to training staffing for event management entry. But with an event registration app, this is no longer an issue. If you’re an event professional seeking a registration system for fundraising dinners, outdoor public events, or corporate conferences in Singapore or anywhere in Asia Pacific then consider the possibilities of an event check in app.

Still, an event check in app can do more than just measure attendance. More detailed check-in apps will create seating charts, allow for mass communication, facilitate ticket sales or fundraising donations, gather vital consumer data, and offer online invitation functions. They can also add and remove guests, take registration payments and send emails to registrants. Utilise these apps as part of a POS system including our event printers for quick label and badge printing for guests and staff. 

At One World Rental, we collaborate with app developers, who can create specialised apps designed to register online guest details with ease. And that’s just the beginning.

We can integrate our event iPad rental package with the event registration apps ready-to-use so you can efficiently gather guests’ details quickly and be available to tend to other business assignments.

One World Rental’s leading edge, on-site event check in solutions help deliver an engaging and quantifiable experience.

For larger events such as corporate conferences or convention meetings, we offer complete event solutions. This includes hardware such as iPads, monitors, VR equipment, POS devices, and AV technology such as speakers, mics, LED video walls, PA systems and more. We have internet technicians that can identify and source the best Wi-Fi solutions for your venue, regardless of location or infrastructure. We can deploy hundreds of devices for event iPad rental throughout Asia Pacific.

Our services can include software development including bespoke branded menu-building as well as an event check in app for your business function. We can provide project management, delivery, logistics, installation and setup as well as an on-site technical presence throughout the event’s duration. We have experts who can help with every step of the digital event journey and over a decade of experience in this. With over 4,000 corporate clients, we have the practical knowledge to handle any digital event, anywhere in the world.

Event registration and event check in features:

Badges Printing & Labels

On brand badge printing.
Quick label printing for staff.
Stickers and labels for equipment.

Event Registration

Register and remove guests.
Take registration payments.
Send emails to registrants.

Branded Documents

Provide on-site interactive maps.
Create branded documents.
Register for branded collateral.

Data Integration

Configure software on all devices.
Increase business revenue.
Social media integration.

To ensure we get you online our team at One World Rental can also install a range of our high performance and secure Ruckus wireless access points which are useful for high-volume conferences and exhibitions. Not sure what your next event requires? Our customer service team is trained to handle every eventuality. Call us 24 hours per day, seven days a week, and let us know when making an enquiry so we can ensure to get the right networking package ready for your event.

Square L7

Integrates with event iPad products

collaborate with Square L7 hire software

Roaming sales terminal

Secure and quick payments

Global experience in successful rentals & execution of large events in over 50 countries.

We offer a 24/7 technical support service during the rental period.

Trusted suppliers to 4000+ corporate clients globally.

Partners with trusted web developers to develop customised apps